What is an Aussie?

What is an Aussie?

What is an Aussie?

Is it the Aboriginals, the first owners of this land?

Is it the “first” people who discovered this land and created something out of nothing, the convicts and the people brought here by the English government?

Or is it the people Afghan Muslims who came here prior to the English settlers, to trade with the Aboriginals and marry them as well?

What we are taught in schools all across Australia is that after the Aboriginals, the first people to discover this land and interact with the Indigenous people of this land where the English settlers brought here by Captain Arthur Phillip. It is a white washed version of Australian history that completely, ignores the fact that Afghan Muslims and Indonesian fisherman came here is 1650, more than 130 year before Captain James Cook “discovered” Australia.

According to Melbourne’s Monash University, these people were Australia’s first successful attempt at relations with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait (ATSI) people, which was fair, and there was no racial superiority, or policy.

One name Australian history has forgotten is, Monga Khan. He came here as a Cameleer in 1895 helping improve trade, and aiding those that came to explore Australia. Many of these people  have become forgotten in Australian history and they need to be revived.

What is an Aussie?
What is an Aussie?

With Peter Drew’s informative yet simple posters it allows us as Australians to really question what it really means to be an Aussie and what are our values and morals as a multicultural country.

Islam & Identity

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Could Islam have made it to Australian Land 1000 years ago?
What does it mean to have a “Positive Identity”?
Can I be an Australian Muslim and hold Islamic Values?

All these Questions are answered in the first Episode of Life & Faith Presented to you by Professor Mohamad Abdalla
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Don’t Make Marriage Difficult

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Don’t Make Marriage Difficult

To the fathers and brothers, you have the responsibility to play an active role in getting your daughters or sisters married. These days, men are not making the process easy, and instead have become an obstacle. We need to not make marriage difficultWomen often feel unappreciated and unloved. When was the last time, as a father, you reassured your daughter and made her feel like you have a significant and important role in her life? When was the last time, as a brother, you made your sister feel important and valuable. There has to be more compassion and love presented to our daughters. It has become a very common issue in contemporary society is marriage, especially for the younger men and women.

Next, when a suitor comes for your daughters hand, do not make marriage difficult. Many times a suitor is rejected because of culture or race, this needs to change, fathers and brothers need to ignore features like this, as Allah has made us all equal, what should be a factor, is his connection with Allah or with other women in his life as this will be a key determiner in a marriage.  

Don’t make marriage difficult, because zina has become very easy.

Allah says, “And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way.

Quran (17:32).

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

“If there comes to you one with whose character and religious commitment you are pleased, then marry (your daughter or female relative under your care) to him, for if you do not do that there will be Fitnah in the land and widespread corruption.”


Please fathers don’t make marriage difficult for our youth.

May Allah swt make marriage easy and successful for our youth. Ameen.

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