Two Syrian Boys Cry

The Aleppo Media Centre (AMC) has published an emotional video on YouTube showing two young Syrian boys crying over their brother who was killed in a barrel bomb attack in Bab Al Nairab in Aleppo, Syria.
The video shows the boys consoling one another in severe distress over their brother killed by a Syrian Regime warplane.
The Syrian regime warplane had conducted over 120 strikes in this attack and killed 15 civilians of which 11 were children.
Do not forget our oppressed brothers and sisters from your supplications. 
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Burkini Ban

A Muslim woman has been confronted by armed French police and forced to remove her clothing on a public beach. Under new French laws, three cities have banned the “Burkini” from public beaches. Social media has responded to the bizarre incident.[scrolling_box display=”category” category=”3″]

Muslim Cafe Response

A Coffee shop was broken into… The Muslim owner left a message for the thief on the door.
After his coffee shop ‘Cocoa Grinder‘ was robbed, Abdul Elenani didn’t notify police, but rather left a note of forgiveness on the door.

Abdul Elenani left this note for the robber

“Every human being commits sins, and the best of sinners are those who frequently repent.”

– Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

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Imam’s Panel

Now is the time for to Muslims Unite.

Powerful Message!

Join us for a first of its kind scholarly panel hosted by Br Malaz Majanni addressing issues of Unity, In our first gathering with Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud, Sheikh Ahmed Abdo, Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, Sheikh Omar Elbanna & Sheikh Aref Chaker. 

Discussed Topics
00:00:50  – Definition of Unity

00:06:40 – Dealing with differences of Opinion

00:12:50  – The Asha’ari and Salafi Debate

00:17:00 – Are Muslims in Australia United?

00:21:00 – What is the role of Imams in Unity?

00:24:43 – Refutation Online

00:26:35 – The concept of Takfeer

00:32:20 – Are Imams out of Touch?

00:35:00 – Is there a problem with leadership?

00:43:00 – Is unity a Priority?

00:47:40 – Sufism in Islam

00:49:40 – Practical steps to achieve Unity

00:58:30 – Final thoughts


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Miracle baby

This unborn baby survived an airstrike in Syria after being taken out of its mother’s belly.
May Allah be with them.[scrolling_box display=”category” category=”3″]

Syrian Boy Survives Airstrike

This young Syrian boy has caught the attention of Millions around the world.
Five year old Omar Daqneesh sits dazed and confused in the back of an ambulance. He has just been pulled from the rubble of his own home after a Syrian Regime Airstrike.
He was rescued by the ‘White Helmets’, a volunteer rescue group who risk their lives helping the injured in Syria. .[scrolling_box display=”category” category=”3″]

Imam Killed in New York

An Imam and his assistant have been shot dead in broad daylight in the New York City borough of Queens. Muslims present at the scene have blamed trump for stirring Islamophobia and discrimination against Muslims.[scrolling_box display=”category” category=”3″]

Young Hero

Abdul Rahman Labak from Syria, has been hailed as a hero after saving the life of his sister in Michigan.[scrolling_box display=”category” category=”3″]