Does Jihad mean Terrorism?

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[ad id=”5147″]The concept of Jihad is one of the most misunderstood, misused, and abused concepts today. In fact, the very term ‘Jihad’ and the term ‘Jihadi’ that we often read in the papers or hear on television and also sometimes by politicians, to refer to people committing terrorist crimes in the name of Islam is offensive.It is offensive not only because it goes against the spirit and the letter of the law of Islam but also because it goes against the basic definitions of Jihad.

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Dealing with Injustice and Oppression

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Long Version

Professor Mohamad Abdalla elaborates on the topic of Dealing with Injustice and Oppression Life & Faith elaborates on how one should deal with Life’s Struggles


RESPONDING TO INJUSTICEBeing oppressed is never an excuse to become oppressive.Powerful reminder.

Posted by OnePath Network on Thursday, February 18, 2016

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Islam & Identity

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Could Islam have made it to Australian Land 1000 years ago?
What does it mean to have a “Positive Identity”?
Can I be an Australian Muslim and hold Islamic Values?

All these Questions are answered in the first Episode of Life & Faith Presented to you by Professor Mohamad Abdalla
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Life & Faith – New Series Promo

[gap height=”10″]The new Life & Faith series presented by Dr Mohamad Abdalla is an exciting new platform to address all the contentious issues surrounding Islam in the modern world.

We will explore the Islamic perspective on topics such as domestic violence, extremism, culture, feminism and much more.

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